Master of International Finance
Course code : M750
Study mode : Burwood (Melbourne)
CRICOS : 054577A

Specialist Finance Skills in an International Context

Deakin University’s Master of International Finance explicitly recognises the increasing sophistication and integration of financial markets throughout the world.

The Master of International Finance (MIF) is a specialist, professional program with a particular emphasis on international trade and associated financial markets. The MIF establishes a broad understanding of the structure and operation of financial markets and the financial instruments used in those markets, together with a familiarity of the theory and techniques underlying trading and investment activity. It adds an international perspective, which reflects the increasing sophistication of financial markets throughout the world and their integration within the international trade of the global economy.

Finance professionals will be especially interested in the MIF as the coursework and research components are designed to enhance professional practice in a range of financial domains. The course may also appeal to those with an undergraduate degree, wanting to acquire a professional qualification in finance.

The course aims to provide a high level of education in finance issues and research methodologies appropriate to finance, and will improve professional practice in a range of finance domains.

The Graduate Certificate of International Finance and Graduate Diploma of International Finance are available as pathways to the MIF, and also serve as important stand-alone qualifications for students who choose to exit the MIF course early.

Contributing to Professional Practice

The MIF in both its coursework and research components is directed towards the requirements of finance professionals. Students develop their understanding of finance markets, their critical thinking skills and an ability to apply theoretical understanding and research results to practical finance problems. For graduates already working in the finance industry, the program will improve their professional capabilities in a range of finance domains; for graduates without a background in finance, it will provide advanced studies in financial markets and appropriate research methodologies.

Flexible and Relevant

Independent study and research related activities are fostered as students undertake the course in a flexible, Cloud (online) learning mode and pursue their individual investigative projects. The Graduate Certificate of International Finance, Graduate Diploma of International Finance and Master of International Finance are supported by electronic teaching and learning is complemented by high quality course materials including lecture outlines, extra readings and tutorial problems.